MSS-KT-NS-15 KBC Mobile Surveillance System Kit - No Solar Panel

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Kit Includes:

  • Base Unit with Removable Head Unit
  • Charge Controller
  • 12 VDC to PoE Converter with Room for Up to 3 x 100 Ah Batteries
  • Quick Connect Pod


  • Compact self-contained unit - maneuverable and easy to deploy
  • Industrial - vandal resistant - low maintenance
  • Remote, mobile, cost-effective
  • Unique gas shock assisted mast lift assembly - elevation up to 14 feet
  • Removable quick-connect interchangeable PoE+ pods
  • Charge controller & 12Vdc/56V IEEE802.3af/at converter
  • Space for up to 3 x 100Ah batteries in base (purchase separately)

Mobile Surveillance Systems are custom-built solutions for temporary site monitoring for applications that require video, audio and data security. They are compact, rugged, self-contained and easy to deploy and set up. MS systems consist of a base unit with on-board solar panel, PoE power converter, charge controller and batteries (purchased separately) along with power and network connections for NVR, camera(s) and sensors. A removable quick-connect pod provides a mounting platform for camera(s) and wireless system.

Mobile Surveillance Systems are a force multiplier for management, security, medical, law enforcement or event personnel by providing the ability to monitor an area more efficiently and effectively. The systems are most effective when used in groups of 4-10 or more as they are easily linked together in perimeter, star and linear configurations. Due to their physical size and maneuverability the systems provide a platform that can be placed in smaller places quickly and be less conspicuous than other solutions that offer similar functionality. Mast elevation to 14 feet provides the ability to see above crowds but still see faces. MS systems are designed to operate in a variety of weather environments and include multiple security features. Mobile Surveillance Systems are fully compatible with KBC Industrial Transmission products including WES, Mesh and ThruLink.



  • Stowed - 32" x 41" x 65"
  • Deployed - 47" x 85" x 169"
  • Shipping Weight (no batteries) - 175lbs
  • Construction - Steel
  • Mast - Aluminum
  • Wheels - 10" Pneumatic Tire/Zinc Hub 300lb capacity
  • Support - 4 adjustable outriggers & levelers
  • Battery Rack - Steel
  • Electronics Tray Mount - Steel
  • Solar Panel Mount - Aluminum
  • Lift Mechanisms - 3 gas springs
  • Quick-Connect Pod - Aluminum 12Vdc & PoE+ connection
  • Finish - Powder coat

Security Features

  • Base - 3 point 'T' handle key lock Removable wheels
  • Mast - Key lock latches
  • Quick-Connect Pod - Key lock latches


  • Electrical - 12Vdc system
  • Battery(ies) - 100Ah(1)
  • Solar Panel(s) - 100W
  • 10/100/1000 - Shielded RJ45
  • Wiring - Cat 6e &18AWG internal to mast assembly & base, 10A fuse, battery wiring connectors

Electronics Tray

  • Charge Controller - MPPT 15A/12Vdc, RS232 data
  • DC/DC Converter - 12Vdc/56V IEEE802.3af/at 35W max. output
  • Dimensions - 12” x 18”, 5” mounting clearance

Quick Connect Pod

  • Latches - Standard & key lock
  • Wiring - Cat 6e& 18AWG
  • Weatherproofing - Square rubber 'O'ring
  • Dimensions - 7" stem with 1" insert. 5" x 5" x 8.5" mounting box


pdficon MSS-KT-NS-15 Specifications PDF