Claim a FREE 3 Year QVR Elite License

Posted by ,Aug 18th 2021
Claim a FREE 3 Year QVR Elite License

With each surveillance station 1 channel license you have, you can claim a 3 year 1 channel license for free.
The more channels you have, the more licenses you can get for free.

To get the free 3 Year QVR Elite license you must log in to your QNAP account on QNAP's website and complete the application form from now thru September 16th, 2021. Once the form is completed and submitted the Qnap will distribute the Free 3 Year QVR Elite license on October 1st, 2021. The license be valid from October 1st, 2021 thru October 1st, 2024.

Upgrade to QVR Elite - The Smart Surveillance System

QVR Elite provides a wide range of benefits, including:
1. More recording channels: a single server supports up to 192 recording channels
2. More convenient user interface: one-click switching between Live and Playback modes
3. Smart AI analytics on surveillance recordings: QVR Face facial recognition app
4. Faster video event searching: QVR Smart enables easier and faster event search in recordings

Minimum NAS OS requirements: QTS 4.5.1 or QuTS hero h4.5.1