81-PT135TG-0001 Geovision GV-Patrol Tag 13.56MHZ Stick On Tag - 8 Pack

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  • Model Number: GV-Patrol Tag
  • Manufacturer SKU Number: 81-PT135TG-0001
  • Sales Part Number: 530-PT135-000
  • 13.56MHZ Patrol Tag
  • Sticks on metal
  • 8 Pack

GV-AS ID Card is ideal for business environment where identity and access control are important for security reasons. GV-AS ID Key Fob, designed for easy carrying and key replacement, is ideal for residential application. GV-UHF Tag is ideal for parking lot management. GV-Patrol Tag is ideal as easily-installed patrol sites with high mobility. These access cards, key fobs and tags are compatible with the devices below.

pdficon81-PT135TG-0001 Datasheet