T.REX-XLBLK Kantech Request-To-Exit Detector w/ Tamper, Piezo and Timer - Black

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  • Zone of detection easily adjustable with pinpoint accuracy
  • X-Y Targeting targets a specific area of detection
  • Unlocks or shunts door automatically
  • Hands-free, no buttons to push
  • Integrated 90 dB local door alarm sounder independently controlled by access panel
  • Infrared detection coupled with DSP prevents false “Door Forced Open” alarms

T.Rex provides a complete solution to exit detection and door surveillance for access control applications. Outstanding innovations such as X-Y Targeting and DSP implementation make T.Rex the fastest and most reliable exit detector on the market today.

X-Y Targeting detects movement in very specific areas for added security. T.Rex is the first detector on the market to offer vertical targeting using two adjustable louvers located in the detection chamber. The installer "trims" the detection area by adjusting these louvers from 90° down to 5° and rotates the lens for horizontal adjustments. These two adjustments allow the installer to mount the detector so that the detection area will not "hit" the floor along the doorjamb, defeating any attempt to circumvent door supervision by sliding objects under the door.

T.Rex utilizes infrared detection coupled with DSP sampling specifically designed for access control applications. Since a truly effective exit detector must detect the extremely fast movement of a hand (the target) about to push the door or turn the door handle, the low sensitivity of intrusion detection alone is inadequate. Coupling the intrusion detection with DSP allows T.Rex to accurately detect exits and trigger appropriate "Door Forced Open" alarms.


  • Model Number - T.REX-XLBLK
  • Detector Type - Passive infrared
  • Filter Technology - Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Detector Lens - Curtain-type Fresnel lens
  • Narrow Targeting Area - 3 m (10 ft)
  • Whole Body - 6 m (20 ft)
  • Piezo Buzzer - 90 dB at 28 VDC, 5-28 VDC, 20 mA (XL & XL2 only)
  • Main Relay Contacts - SPDT, 1A max @ 30 VDC max
  • Main Relay Timer - Adjustable, 0.5 to 60 seconds
  • Main Relay Recycle Timer - Fixed, 0.75 seconds off
  • Lock Control Relay - Available on LT2 and XL2 models only, solid-state relay, N.C., 2A max @ 30 VDC, timed at 2 seconds fixed.
  • Tamper Switch - N.C., 100 mA max @ 30 VDC max
  • Indicator Light - Red/Green LED
  • Mounting - Optional backplate available for mounting the T.REX on a standard single-gang electrical box
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 4.5 x 19 x 4.75 cm (1.75 x 7.125 x 1.875 in)
  • Power Consumption - 12-28 VDC, 50 mA
  • Certifications - UL294, CE, FCC, ULC

pdficon T.REX-XLBLK Datasheet